Everyone goes to college to get that “college experience”, to have some of the best times of their life and share memories that will never be forgotten. One of the many things I learned coming into college is not to have high expectations. For me, college wasn’t all that I thought it would be. My friends from home were enjoying every minute of the time away from home, away from nagging parents and away from the stupid high school drama, but that was exactly what I missed. My mom is my best friend and my family means everything to me that being away from them was harder than I imagined.

My first semester was harder than I thought it would be. I missed the comfort of home. I missed my true friends. I felt the people walked around here kept to themselves and didn’t have a true intention of making life long friends. I kept to myself last semester and just tried to count down the days until I could go home. I called my mom countless times in tears trying to just make it through the end of the day. Often, I didn’t know how I was going to get through this. I often wondered, when was going to be enough?

I looked into transferring, even going to the junior college back home. The differences between the people and culture from home and Southern California was a shock. It almost feels as if Northern California and here shouldn’t be considered the same state. It was some of the hardest months because I didn’t feel comfortable in my new environment and my mind was stuck in unresolved issues from home. I finally made it through the fall semester and was so ecstatic to go home for six weeks and have all my friends and family reunited for the time being. I got the opportunity to let things go from a past relationship and was actually feeling excited to return to Chapman. I had an open mind and wanted to give it another try, not only another try, but my best try this time. I have only been here for five days but I can honestly say I haven’t been this happy in months. I have a new mindset, almost like a fresh start and I am excited for the opportunity to establish new beginnings this semester.