Can passion really be defined? Are we born with our passions or do they arise as we grow old?

I envy those with passions, those who can have the worst day and be brought instant happiness when they practice what they love to do. My friend’s passion is singing. Whenever she is on the verge of tears, singing can build her up. The power of passion is so great. It lifts the soul with courage, strength and happiness. Passions can broad from singing to sports, knitting to kites. They are what you make them to be.

I always wondered what my passion was. When I was having a hard time, I wanted that one thing to fall back on that could make everything just a little bit better: something that I truly loved to do. I played softball and soccer for years but I gave those up without hesitation. It wasn’t until recently that I actually did have a passion but I didn’t realize the power of it until it was gone.

I was an equestrian; I rode horses for most of my childhood. It came naturally to me and I remember the exact swaying on the back of the horse, with the wind hitting your face and rushing through your hair. The feeling as if you were free, riding with no worries. It was my favorite feeling and my greatest joy. The connection your make with your horse resembles a best friend. Together, we went riding bareback on the beaches, trail riding and then to competitions, even made it to the state fair.

I hadn’t realized what I gave up until it was long gone. I stopped horseback riding in my sophomore year of high school because I wanted to focus on my traveling soccer. However, like I said that ended shortly before my senior year due to coach and team downfalls.

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t miss the memories and my horse. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t miss the wind in my hair and the sway of the ride.