In regards to how social media affects education and the academic life, I interviewed my grandfather Donald Baughman, who was a high school teacher for 20+ years and then a high school principal at New Rochelle High School. His career forced him to pay attention to the social media and technology imbedded in schools and teens today. His opinion stands strong when regarding social media and its impact on education.

“Cell phones, facebook and whatever else is out there, distracts from the learning environment. The majority of issues that came into my office were regarding excessive cell phone use during class and repeated offenses. I personally believe cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in school at all because they aren’t used to just call people anymore, you have the whole social media at your hand now a days.”

Baughman’s intake on the social media affecting schoolwork is strong. He even complains when his grandchildren are on their phone during holidays. He feels that it limits conversation and the drive for knowledge. People aren’t seeking to learn because they can google whatever the need to know now. Social media and technology has taken away time from books and encourages people to take the easy route.

I interviewed a fellow student at Chapman University, Mikey Hamilton, who believes there are positive and negatives to social media. He see’s where Mr. Baughman is coming from but also believes it helps students interact and build a positive learning community.

“Facebook itself has allowed me to connect with fellow students that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to get ahold of otherwise. It also allows you to form online groups where we can communicate and share ideas. I have done this numerous of times. But I agree students tend to be on their phones looking at Instagram or Facebook during class and that takes away from learning and involvement in class.”

Both Baughman and Hamilton discuss the large distractions social media have on students and their school work. Their work would get done a lot faster and possibly in better quality without these distractions. As my interviewees brought up, there are benefits and downfalls to the growing trend of social media.