“Think about it: a time when newly graduated college kids could come to New York and get paid to write. We had no clue what were embarking on careers that would vanish with a decade.”

Nick and Amy from Gone Girl were both writers who lost their job. In the first couple pages of the book, Nick explains his magazine career that soon vanished with the creation of the Internet. This quote was taken directly from the text when Nick explains the large change in the writer’s world. This idea stuck out to me because my Dad works in the magazine business in New York City and he is experiencing similar issues.

He graduated with a master’s degree in Journalism and lived in the heart of magazine business, New York. When he first started, the magazine business was a high and acknowledgeable business to be in. It was flourishing. When I was a young child he was working in the US weekly and then New York Magazine. He was a writer and wrote and edited articles for the magazine. He noticed the shift in the business as time progressed.

He moved to Colorado about seven years ago because he was done with the city life and he adored Colorado for the weather and the number of active people. A couple years later he decided to move back to New York to make money and get a career again. This time, it was harder, a lot harder. Finding a job in the magazine business was struggling because they weren’t hiring a lot of people and their businesses were falling. He finally got a job as an editing manager and is still involved in that business but he sees the dying business first hand and says, there won’t be magazines pretty soon. A lot of Dad’s work is for the online publication of the magazine. He says that with the creation of Ipads, the magazine business has taken a turn for the worst. People aren’t buying hard copies of magazines because they can just get it on their Ipad or computers. This business like Nick explains, is coming to an end. Something that was so amazing and popular is dying because of the technology advances. Some say this is a good thing and others don’t. It will save trees, that’s for sure, but people like my Dad and Nick will loose their job that was once high paying.