The idea of metaphor is referring to the metaphorical concept. It is largely more than the choice of diction or language on the page; it is a metaphoric process that happens in thought, often subconsciously. We often think metaphors are just a fancy tool that good authors throw into their writing for an underlying affect, however, in the first chapter of Metaphors We Live By, the author explains that metaphors are created for a comparison and a relation to something else. It is evident that the mind likes to compare and reassure itself. We tend to compare to familiarize yourself with what is going on. If you’re in an unfamiliar place, you look to find anything that reminds you of something else because it brings comfort and awareness. That’s what the metaphorical concept is.

The “argument is war” is an example dispatched in the reading which was an odd way to look at our choices of thought and language. When talking or thinking about an argument, it is a means of defeating the other person. The person you’re arguing with becomes your opponent. It’s a fight of words to see who will win. When you look at the choice of diction used when explaining an argument, it directly correlates with the ideas of war. Like I stated before, we create these metaphors subconsciously to relate things to one another. Although war and arguments have drastic differences, one being that war is an actual act of armed fighting while an argument is simply a conversation, we correlate the two of them through word choice because it provides understanding.

This is a very interesting concept to think about because we aren’t consciously thinking about what we say and how it relates to something else. Another metaphorical concept is the relation to sex in our everyday language.

“I am screwed”

“This blows”

“I’m fucked”

It is ironic that these are negative slangs but if you notice they are sex related. This portrays that idea of metaphors where we aren’t actually referring to the act of sexual intercourse but instead just complaining about our crappy day or situation. The idea of metaphors isn’t purposeful. It isn’t just a fancy way to play with words on a page. Metaphors are embedded in our simple thoughts. Metaphors are much more powerful than just an authors creativity because they provide comfort and relation to the human mind. Metaphors allow us to intertwine our life with bigger issues and ideas that make sense.