The introduction paragraph uses a strong metaphor of thousands of fish swimming at you. This was to exaggerate the overwhelming and overbearing feeling of the media. The media is referred to as “heavy swimmers” because the swimming portrays the fast movement and progression of the social media. It also signifies the squirmy crowds of the media.  The imagery of the swimming was intended to create tension and reality. I wanted it to feel real and let the reader feel their body cringe at the thought of the thousands of fish darting in their direction. This was to embellish the feeling that people, like Nick, get when the social media bombards them in devastating times.

The incorporation of quotes was used in my final writing project as strong examples of how Flynn incorporates her opinion on the social media through her choice of diction. The quote where Flynn compares the social media to war and a fraternity really portrays her view. I thoroughly analyzed the use of her metaphors and why she chose the words she did. She had a purpose and I nitpicked at her word choice to display her purpose.

I incorporated the metaphor “bandwagon” in my writing because it portrays the idea that people just follow what the media does and says. As an example, to further develop this idea I compared it to the president elections where the image the media creates is essential for a successful result. I expanded on the idea of the images the media creates and I used imagery and specifics like the image of “a happily married couple of 25 years that have beautiful children” to exemplify the ideal image that our media has created.

In terms of style, I used some short sentences like “He had no say. He was powerless” for effect. I like the use of short sentences because it breaks up the long, monogamous sentences and creates emphasis on the particular idea that I am trying to convey. I also used rhetorical questions throughout the paper. This was intended to engage the reader and make the writing more conversational rather than informative. It was also another tactic to create variety in the sentence structures. Lastly, to conclude the paper I used opposing, short sentences to open the paper up to affect the reader individually. I wanted the reader to realize the shortcomings of the media weren’t inevitable but a personal choice.

As a whole, I felt that the paper was effective in analyzing Flynn’s opinion and how she relays this through her story. Through her diction, sentence structure and metaphors, Flynn effectively displays her view on the matter. I chose to analyze this aspect of the novel because through her twisted and mysterious novel, I do not think the strong theme of social media should be overridden. It was meaningful and had purpose and should get noticed.