Moderation: what does that even mean anymore? Where did it go?

In today’s day and age, we can define any word in the matter of seconds through the online dictionaries that are available at the palm of our hand, but for some we are unable to demonstrate them.


Moderation can be defined as “the avoidance of excess or extremes especially in one’s behavior or political opinions.”


If you look through your life what can you honestly say that you do with moderation?  It seems to be we do things like full throttle addicts or nothing at all.  We are either constantly watching tv or not at all. We are either always on our phone or don’t believe in the existence of iphones. There is a healthy component to moderation, because most things can aid or bring you happiness as long as we moderate how often we do things. It seems that our era is missing that sense of self-restraint and control because it is so common for people to be obsessed with one thing or another. We are addicts and we are hoarders.


For instance, the social media, what are the chances you see someone walking through campus blindfolded by their phone screen. Probably 9 out of 10. People wake up and the first thing they do is reach for their phone to check their Facebook notifications. In terms of technology, we are intertwined and becoming one. There is no time where people don’t have their cell phones within arms reach, unless it was an accident. We are dependent on our technology and social media that we can’t go a day without it. The awareness and problems of social media only arise because we can’t use it with moderation. We just become social media addicts. People are worried that technology is ruining effective communication skills and scholarly skills. However, this wouldn’t be a problem if we could use technology as a tool and not a lifestyle.


How about moderation with food? Clearly evidence, statistics, and personal experience displays that our nation is obese. More and more people are suffering from being overweight, which potentially leads to heart conditions, diabetes and even cancer. The numbers are steadily increasing meaning people are not taking moderation when consuming foods. They eat whatever they want whenever they want. Mcdonalds drive thru, hey why not? In-n-out animal fries? Sure. And then to top it off lets get ice cream for dessert. And people wonder why they are overweight. If we knew how to use moderation effectively we could have that in n out burger every now and then and still remain healthy. But we lack that self control to say “no”.


Let’s take the amount of stuff we have as Americans. We live lavish lives. We buy whatever we want. We even continue to buy cool storage to store all the things we buy. Our families all have the junk drawer or closet that collects crap we don’t even need but bought anyway. We are spenders. We want stuff just to say we have it. Hence, why so many people are in debt and can’t pay their mortgage bills. If we could grasp the idea of moderation we wouldn’t have most families with storage units along with their 3000 square foot houses full of stuff they haven’t seen for years.


In addition, we often feel there is not enough time in the day to do all the things we have do. There aren’t enough hours in the day to clean the house, or cook dinner, or study for that test but we sure make time for friends, shopping and Facebook stalking. As a society we lack the ability to manage time effectively. If we could grasp the concept of moderation we could have more time in the day, less obesity and less stuff and more money for fun experiences with family and friends. You can have that chocolate bar, you can buy that stuffed animal, just in moderation. A little bit of everything can bring us happiness too right? I promise if we practice moderation in our lives, these arising American issues would fall into place. It is that simple.