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We often forget the power of food, more specifically the power of the food industries. I watched the documentary called Hungry for Change, which was a movie created to inform the public about the manipulative ways of the food industries and how they continue to get their customers to come back. It is a mind game, which is why I thought it directly related to the class.

The food industries are making the food to look and smell better so that we are drawn to it. All the foods today from these industries are not nutritionally valuable; they are making products rather than food. As they stated in the film, “we are overfed and starving,” meaning we are eating mass amounts but still hungry because we are lacking nutrients in our diet that fulfill your hunger. However people are used to this momentary feeling after eating these junk foods and learning to like it. These companies have manipulated the chemical structure of their products so that people feel like it is fulfilling but really they are empty calories. Another tactic these companies are using is the advertising and label of the products. These junk foods have commercials or billboards that have these skinny, happy and attractive people consuming their product and people then think that they can feel those feelings just from consuming that product. They have very famous celebrities and athletes that convey this message of “being cool” if you have their product. This is not true however; they do a good job at making people perceive it like that. These companies are also physically changing the food products so that they are more addictive chemicals in them. Lays chips on there package say “you can’t just have one” and this is true because these big industries are chemically changing these foods to make them addicting. They are engineering the food to taste great and have this addictive component. MSG is in 805 of the modern foods. MSG is a chemical used to make rats fat in animal testing. This chemical excited the brain and makes you want to eat more. Therefore, it isn’t entirely our fault that there are these rising numbers of obesity in America. We are human and you are programmed to crave these fats and sugars. Sugar is practically the new cocaine. It is the reason for a lot of the weight gain. People may think they are being healthier and in taking less calories when they have the artificial sugars but it has been proven that these sweeteners make you crave even more carbohydrates. The point being, these companies are altering their food products to get people like us to crave these foods. This helps their business but does not contribute to a healthier society.

This directly relates to the course because it exemplifies the power of the mind. People are learning the powers of the mind and these industries are using it to their advantage. The mind naturally craves these additives and with the enormous amounts of obesity in our country, it really exemplifies the compatibility and power of the mind itself.


The idea of metaphor is referring to the metaphorical concept. It is largely more than the choice of diction or language on the page; it is a metaphoric process that happens in thought, often subconsciously. We often think metaphors are just a fancy tool that good authors throw into their writing for an underlying affect, however, in the first chapter of Metaphors We Live By, the author explains that metaphors are created for a comparison and a relation to something else. It is evident that the mind likes to compare and reassure itself. We tend to compare to familiarize yourself with what is going on. If you’re in an unfamiliar place, you look to find anything that reminds you of something else because it brings comfort and awareness. That’s what the metaphorical concept is.

The “argument is war” is an example dispatched in the reading which was an odd way to look at our choices of thought and language. When talking or thinking about an argument, it is a means of defeating the other person. The person you’re arguing with becomes your opponent. It’s a fight of words to see who will win. When you look at the choice of diction used when explaining an argument, it directly correlates with the ideas of war. Like I stated before, we create these metaphors subconsciously to relate things to one another. Although war and arguments have drastic differences, one being that war is an actual act of armed fighting while an argument is simply a conversation, we correlate the two of them through word choice because it provides understanding.

This is a very interesting concept to think about because we aren’t consciously thinking about what we say and how it relates to something else. Another metaphorical concept is the relation to sex in our everyday language.

“I am screwed”

“This blows”

“I’m fucked”

It is ironic that these are negative slangs but if you notice they are sex related. This portrays that idea of metaphors where we aren’t actually referring to the act of sexual intercourse but instead just complaining about our crappy day or situation. The idea of metaphors isn’t purposeful. It isn’t just a fancy way to play with words on a page. Metaphors are embedded in our simple thoughts. Metaphors are much more powerful than just an authors creativity because they provide comfort and relation to the human mind. Metaphors allow us to intertwine our life with bigger issues and ideas that make sense.